Most of the things our legal department deals with are no laughing matter.  But it is good to laugh and our lawyers are great at seeing the humor in things.  They even tell jokes about themselves. 
HSLDA's 30th Anniversary
Lawyer Joke Contest Winners Announced!
HSLDA Lawyer Joke Contest
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Winning Entries
Lawyers never die, they just lose their appeal!
        -- Nicole, Florida
An old preacher was dying and he requested that two lawyers would join him one day at his deathbed. The lawyers were members where the preacher preached and had often heard sermons on their ill character and avaricious practices. They were very curious as to why the preacher invited them, of all people, to his deathbed. When they got there the preacher took them both by his hand, one on his left and another on his right. Finally, one of the lawyers asked why the preacher had invited them there. The preacher responded, "Well Jesus died between two thieves and I didn't think I could do any better than him!"
        -- Jacob, Texas
Nicole and Jacob will each receive a $100 Visa gift card or two Drive Through History DVDs from the HSLDA Store, their choice!